AirScout has a new “Data Partner Program!” I am excited to announce that we have established a relationship with a great company interested in paying you for the data generated from your fields. The combination of your imagery and data is incredibly valuable to machine learning and artificial intelligence in the Precision Ag field, and now AirScout can help you directly extract some of that value.

As a farmer, we often feel like our data is being taken from us by companies, so here is your opportunity to extract monetary value from that data and get ahead of the curve. I can get you $3.50 an acre if you simply provide planting, nitrogen, and yield information. 

This 2019 “Pilot” program will be capped at 100,000 acres, so enrollment will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Each farming operation will be required to enroll a minimum of 500 acres, with a maximum of 6,250 acres. For those of you enrolling in this program, we will lock in our current AirScout pricing of $7.00 per acre, so this will essentially get you the entire 2019 season of AirScout imagery along with all of our prescription tools and the yield estimator for only $3.50 an acre.

When I first established AirScout seven years ago, my goal was to figure out a way to make this free to every farmer in America because I felt it could be extremely beneficial to not only the farmer, but also the planet in general. It’s a great feeling to be taking these first steps in making this goal tangible and letting you reap the rewards.

Thanks again for taking the time to get to know this new opportunity, and please let me know if you may be interested in enrolling. I may even be able to “go to bat for you” if you have some historical imagery associated with data that you are willing to sell. With commodity prices where they are, it’s time for us farmers to extract as much value from our operations as we possibly can. I am confident that by leveraging our imagery, each of you can benefit your bottom line. I will continue to keep doing everything I can to share what I have learned, and I always welcome insights from you as well.