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Thermal Imagery: Did you know?

Plants show stress through tiny changes in temperature long before stress can be seen in foliage color changes. That’s what makes AirScout Thermal Imagery™ the most practical and useful imaging technology in agriculture today.

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Timing is Everything

AirScout provides an advanced set of images every two weeks throughout the growing season. There are also subscription plans for fewer or more frequent flyovers and image data delivery. AirScout delivers whatever works best for you to optimize crop health and yield.


You know NDVI. Now get to know ADVI.

AirScout has taken NDVI imaging technology to the next level with ADVI–Advanced Difference Vegetative Index technology. You get myriad colors instead of just a handful so you’ll see more highly detailed images containing more information you can use.

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Compatible with all VRT Equipment

AirScout was developed by a farmer so you can count on it to be practical. You get the right files to drive whatever Variable Rate Treatment precision farming equipment you’re using. AirScout is compatible with all of the them.

Aerial images unlike any other

Airscout® Thermal Imagery is ideal for agriculture, forestry, environment–any work that is focused on the condition of plants, soil and water. AirScout’s Advanced Difference Vegetative Index (ADVI™) is superior to standard NDVI with far greater resolution. And AirScout® Visual Images are high resolution, crisp, clear and timely.

AirScout® Thermal Imagery™ – a new way of seeing crops, soil and water from the air

Indiana farmer, pilot and inventor Brian Sutton refused to settle for standard technology when looking at his crops from the air. The result after a decade of development and evolution is AirScout® Thermal Imagery.

It shows plant stress by tiny variations in temperature long before stress is seen in foliage color changes. AirScout Thermal Imagery is a patented technology that reads temperature variations as small as 3/100 degree C. Now you can monitor your crops in a whole new way and spot trouble at the earliest possible time.

AirScout® ADVI™ takes standard NDVI to the next level

AirScout engineers and developers thought standard NDVI images, used since 1973, could be improved. The result is AirScout ADVI– or Advanced Difference Vegetative Index.

AirScout ADVI gives you myriad colors instead of just a handful. The advantage is greater precision when scouting for nutrition problems in crops, and more accurate precision treatment files..

Stunning visual images loaded with up-to-date information you can use

Satellite images don’t provide enough of the right kind of information to be useful to most farmers. Haze is one reason–it reduces contrast and blurs detail. Timeliness is another. AirScout gives you fresh visual images every two weeks or so, that you can use as a confirming reference guide.

AirScout Thermal shows where plant health may be in jeopardy due to external conditions like pests or disease. AirScout’s exclusive ADVI, advanced reflectance imagery, indicates nutritional needs based on foliage color.

Working with AirScout is easy and affordable.

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Monitoring plant, soil and water conditions is easier and more precise with AirScout.

AirScout is the premier imaging technology for revealing temperature variations in plants, bare soil and water to within 3/100° C. This makes AirScout a new powerful diagnostic tool for a wide range of practical applications and missions.

  • Accurately estimate yields weeks sooner
  • Read bare soil temperature for relative moisture, planting conditions
  • Determine if crop damage is recoverable or terminal for the season
  • Locate drainage tile leaks or blockages
  • Identify anomolies in waterways to trace issues requiring remediation
  • Scan broad swaths of forest lands to spot and treat outbreaks before they spread