AirScout recently participated in a comprehensive aerial survey of the 2019 corn crop in the Midwest. We partnered with AgMarket.Net, which is the Farm Division of John Stewart and Associates (JSA). The project goal was to provide a timely assessment of the status of the corn crop in a 5 state region. Ag Air Imaging, LLC, in partnership with AirScout, developed a special sensor package for this project which included Ultra High Resolution capability. The equipment was sophisticated enough to allow analysts to count stalks and populations to determine yield potential. This study encompassed 5 states taking Hi Res and Ultra High Res pictures in the RGB bands every 25 miles in 3-4 passes per state and observing more than 157,000 acres from a time period of the week before July 4th in the western belt and the week post July 4th in eastern belt.

This report is the result of our epic 5000+ mile survey over three weeks of corn fields in the Midwest.

We developed a unique sensor system for this project, which included both High Resolution and Ultra High Resolution cameras. Matt Wener, our Senior Survey Pilot, was instrumental in the success of this project. Ben Koch, our Systems Engineer, also took lead on preparing the aircraft and sensor system.

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