We are starting to get our first corn out of the ground here on our home farm! We  planted the last day of April, with soil temps barely reaching 50 degrees, but the corn benefited from the warm weather that followed. I am now using my thermal imagery to guide me to the coolest & wettest areas so I can scout for emergence. In general, if my crop came out of the ground there, the rest of the field will likely be just as successful. If you are a tillage guy, and your soil may be lacking moisture for germination, you may want to pay closer attention to the hottest & driest areas. Just remember to always put the imagery into context so you can fully understand what it is trying to tell you. If replant is needed, use your phone or iPad to guide you to these problem areas so you don’t waste valuable time wandering around the field looking for thin spots.

We do still have a little capacity available for this year, so if you have not signed up yet, please give us a call so you don’t miss out on any more of the pictures. I am going to continue to send out updates every few weeks so I can personally help everyone get the full benefit from our AirScout imagery. We will soon be scouting for insect pressuredisease pressure, and first signs of nutrient deficiency. Later in the season, I will show you how we use a biomass picture to drive our late-season nitrogen application, and also introduce you to our yield estimator. Nearly every decision you will need to make as a farmer while moving forward through this year will benefit from this service.

Please stay tuned and let me share with you my personal experience — and show you why this kind of information is so important on our farm (and why it is for yours).